How to create sub-category

Hello, i am creating new app.
With different sports
Football - Basketball - Tennis
and i need to add teams in every category - custom pages.
But first, i need to learn how to create category with HTML Archive.
So can anyone tell me how to add what to put inside HTML Archive to create sub-category example: Football?
Thank you.


  • An index HTML will be your landing page.
    It will include whatever you want in your main page, such as buttons for Football, Basketball, Tennis and text.
    Each of these buttons will load another html page inside your archive.
    You can keep nesting HTML pages as you wish until you reach to the actual content you want to show., at which point you could even link up to activities from andromo.
  • Okay thank you. 
    Could you please give me example of HTML code that will create 'Football category| inside andromo builder.
    Which code to put inside the zip file?
    Thanks alot.
  • Sorry, cannot give particular code. You could google on HTML tutorials (you will need a little bit HTML knowledge for this anyway, we are beyond the limits of the actual Andromo maker).
    All I can say is you will not be using andromo dashboard anymore but an index.html you will have made yourself. Inside it, other html pages you also made yourself.
  • But the question remains how do you call the other activities using HTML. What's the URL descriptions for hyperlinking to other activities. If you do nested tables you have to call one HTML page from another. But the rich text editor only refers to HTML hyperlinks.
  • edited August 2016
    The answer you seek is in the knowledge base. See: Linking to another activity
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