Updated YouTube API Services Terms and Conditions and New Developer Policies

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this is the email that was sent out to all of us who use the YouTube API:

You are receiving this notice because you have enabled YouTube API Services on your project(s) in the Google Developer Console.

Dear Developer:

As the YouTube API Services continue to grow and evolve, we periodically review the YouTube API Services Terms of Service. Today we are posting an update to these terms (“Updated TOS”), and introducing new YouTube API Services Policies (“Policies”), to provide additional guidance and clarification on how you can properly access and use the YouTube API Services. The Updated TOS and Policies will become effective in 6 months on February 10, 2017, so that you have time to understand and comply with them. 

Changes to the Updated TOS and Policies:

    Policies set out the operational requirements and provide additional guidance on how you can properly access and use the YouTube API Services, including policies relating to data usage, storage and security, protecting user privacy, commercial use, and prohibited access and use of the YouTube API Services.
    Policies also require compliance with the Required Minimum Functionality that explains the rules you must follow when using certain YouTube features and functionalities to support a good user experience.
    We also updated terms on what happens when we make modifications to the YouTube API Services in the Updated TOS.

In addition to these changes, there are other modifications and clarifications. We, therefore, recommend that you read the complete Updated TOS and Policies.

Please take a look at the updated terms to check if you are happy with the changes. If you are, then you  don’t need to do anything, and you can continue accessing and using the YouTube API Services to create great experiences for users. We recommend that you read and understand the Updated TOS and Policies, and make any adjustments to your API Client(s) to comply with the Updated TOS and Policies that become effective in 6 months on February, 10, 2017.

If you do not wish to accept the Updated TOS and Policies, please submit this YouTube API Services termination form by no later than 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) February 9, 2017, and we will reach out to you to process your termination.

We know that developers are busy, so we appreciate you taking the time to review our Updated TOS and Policies! You can subscribe to the RSS feed for revision history to be notified of changes to the terms.

Please note, this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

—The YouTube API Services Team

The links are:

I only skimmed the links over, but I'll give them a proper read later on. I hope this doesn't change anything for us. @darryl & @lorne, could you please have a look, when time permits? Thanks.
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