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Hey guys,

This question is not really about Andromo, but I would value the opinion of those of you who have created Samsung build for their apps/games in Eclipse.
Also if Darryl or Lorne could help I would be glad.

Samsung builds of Andromo seem to have 104-105KB bigger size than GP builds.
Up to now, I have been creating some apps in Eclipse and I had been adding the Camera SDK and the Samsung SDK. The signed apk would be 105KB larger than the other builds, which seems to agree with how Andromo adds Galaxy support.

Today I tried to make a Samsung build for an app I had been working on for long. I added Camera SDK 1.0 and SDK 1.0, as well as the required manifest change and created the apk, but it has exactly same size as the other builds.

I am not exactly sure if the sdk is added now, even if I have repeated the process many times. Is this really how Galaxy support is still achieved or there is something that has changed?
Also, does any of you know of a website or tool that could detect the libs inside a compiled apk? I feel like I would like to double check if everything is OK with my apps before I submit them.


  • I wish I could help, @anteos. The customs app that I have in a partnership won't be ported to Samsung, because the entire category for our apps is missing. :) So we had to drop that idea.
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