TOOL: Translate to 72 languages and upload automatically in Google Play

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Hey guys,

A friend of mine has written a little Java tool which can autotranslate through Google Translate your app's title, short description and long description from English to 72 other languages allowed in the Google Play listing. When translation is done, you can click and auto-upload the generated translations in your Google Play Console.

You just have to create a project ID (there is clear documentation) and edit a simple text file, by adding your own Project ID title (so that the tool can upload the translations to your account using the API), the app details, including the package name. Cool thing is that you can choose which languages you want, possibly removing some that do not work well with Google Translate.

I bought this tool and tried it today, and it works like a charm, so thought maybe some of you would be interested to it as well. I believe we should all support each other and even though my friend is not an Andromo member, he is a nice fella who has helped me in many ways.

Anyway - we all know that Google Translate is not ideal, but buying translations from professionals are expensive. For little indie developers like us, this tool is handy. Besides, the added languages mean huge list of new keywords, which means than ASO-wise, your app has more chances to rank in other languages.

If you are interested - you can email the guy at   or  add him in skype:

The price is $100, one time fee, and the translator can work with as many number of GP accounts as you have.




  • @anteos i had a chat with guy and asked guy for a invoice, he told me the software violates google terms and conditions and he could not as i may be from google checking up on him. Avoid if you ask me
  • @naqshbandi

    I do understand why he cannot produce invoice, it actually makes sense. But this does not change the fact that this tool is really useful to bring your downloads higher by reaching bigger audience.

    I recommend it, but it is always up to you :)
  • I can issue an invoice, and software does not violate anything. Translations are done using Google Translate in the same way as you do it with your web browser. It's just automated.
  • the issues have now been resolved, poor communication on part of the seller, good  software. good luck
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    I emailed the guy never got a reply
  • billywizz, I just emailed you.
  • @pandadev Are you the developer who sells the software?

    I have 3 questions:

    How can we be sure that the software doesn't steal our google play login info?

    How do you accept payments?

    How long doest it take translate desc. to all languages and update them on google play?

  • Yes.
    1. It's written in Java. You can decompile .class files and look for Google Play password stealing code. There is no malware code inside.
    2. PayPal
    3. It takes 2-3 minutes to translate, and 1 minute to upload them on Google Play.
    You must add configuration of Google Project API, which sometimes is very nasty and can take even 20 minutes, but you do it once per Google Play account.
  • Does it publish translations after it completes them or do we publish manually? And do you help about how to configure google project api?
  • 1. It publishes when you press 'Upload to Google Play' button.
    2. I attach Google Project API configration manual with screenshots, and I can guide you on Skype, in case of troubles.
  • @pandadev I want to purchase it. What's the procedure?
  • Payment via PayPal, to: pandadev(at) Just name it 'APK Translator + your email address'. You will receive the software in 24 hours (typically less than 12h).
  • @pandadev  I sent you the payment. Now I'm just waiting my download link.
  • got it. I'm preparing a package for you.
  • Screenshots made people think that this is a complete software. But when I bought it and had a look at the files and the manuel which told me to do lots of configurations to use the software, I thought that it is a waste money.

  • Yes, automatic uploading of translations to Google Play developer console requires one time configuration. Beside that app is complete. Also, I've told you I provide support on Skype in case of troubles with this configuration.
  • I couldnt see anything similar to what I saw on the screenshots. I installed java 1.8 and configured as it is written, but nothing happened.
  • Your email doesn't exist on skype.
  • @guajiram1, that's not true. My email on Skype is:

  • @guajiram1
    The configuration for the Google Developer API can only be done when you are logged in the relevant Google Play account. That's why you need to do it yourself, but it is only done once.

    Anyway I guess by now you have already sorted out the problems with pandadev through Skype.

  • Version 2.2 comes along with video tutorial, and simplified configuration procedure.
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