Pre-sales question


I have some pre-sales questions:
- Can I send push notifications via an app made with Andromo?
- If I pay monthly, what will my monthly fee be for the professional plan?




  • Hello, I am just a simple user, but I think I can answer yoir questions.
    - Yes, you can send push notificationes but using an external service (, and that page belongs to the same company that owns Andromo. Personally, I can tell you that push notifications with andromo apps are great, they have many features I love.

    - You cannot pay monthly, it's only a references when you see the prices, but at the moment you pay, the fee is anually. Professional plan is about 252 usd I think. I have this plan and I am happy with it.

  • Hi, does anyone know if there is any discount in the purchase of an account as a student, I am a university student, and I have to carry out several projects that will take me a long time to code by hand and that is why I am looking for a quick,
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