youtube api key


Im trying to create an app that shows specific youtube channel using youtube activity with "show username".
It asked me to provide youtube API key, I tried to follow the instruction from but it seems that the steps now is different, it is mandatory to to enter app package name and fingerprint.

I know how to get the app package name, but I don't know how to get the fingerprints. Can you help me to find one or update the knowledge base with new procedure?




  • I dont like the Youtube activity, so I dont use it and cannot help you. This is something that you should probably ask support, because if the steps changed they also need to change their documentation.
  • I haven't used the YT activity for a while, but I soon plan to. It's best to contact the support so @lorne or @darryl can update the knowledge base.
  • Hello @hendrixs & @anteos thans for your reply!

    I posted in support and thanks to @darryl the issue is solved now :) 

    basically the steps hasn't changed, only the interface in the google developer console, the article are still useful
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