Drag and Drop?

Hello guys,

I am new around the block and I would like to know, if on the page editor, there is some way to change backrounds, drag and drop pictures and make them links etc.

This is on the insert document on the page.

Is there a way? Like to fully customize pages, index etc? Does this service provide this?


  • You can fully customize pages with the HTML Archive activity. You can use Adobe Dreamweaver, for example, and save all the files in a ZIP and upload it to Andromo.

    The Custom Page activity let's you customize the doc via built-in HTML Editor. If you can code, you can also add some inline CSS, but that's more or less it.
  • Thanks bro. I can use Dreamweaver, that was my thought too mate. Sorry I'm an amateur kinda.
  • One more question, is there a save feature for anything like that? Let's say I make a notepad, will it be able to save and work offline? Thank you mate.
  • No probs, being an "amateur" won't stop you making some nice monies. :) Andromo is a really great tool once you get to understand all the features.

    What you can do is prepare everything offline and then upload what you need. Andromo itself has no offline mode. But you don't need it, really.

    Good luck!
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