HTML offline simple question

Hello Community of Andromo,

I have a question. I know how to code, and make everything, but I can't figure that one out.

I want to make some HTMLs to work offline in an activity. However in the HTML's themselves there are other pages, that I would like to link into the index, so they can work on the offline HTML built into the app.

What do I have to put in the code, in order to get this to run? So that when the link is pressed, the offline archieved in the app thing shows up?

Normally I put the place where the next webpage is uploaded. Now what must I put for it to work?

I want this to work offline.


  • If they are in the root of your ZIP archive, alongside your initial HTML index page, simply link to their name such as
    <a href="file2.html">
    I hope this helps
  • It works. Thank you very much Anteos. I appriciate your help.
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