Radio App Monetizatio But Screen Off

Hello Friends,

I have an android Radio app, we broadcast our own program, for monetization i am using AdMob but my problem is that people open our app and click on Play and it starts play our program and ads start displaying but radio is not a kind of application which keeps screen busy so screen goes off after some time depending upon whetever they set ( 10 sec, 30 sec or 5 min ) . and when screen goes off ads stop displaying.

so we have short time for ad display even if they use our app for 3-4 hours we have only few minutes of time to display ads in some case only few seconds.

Anyone Please suggest.



  • Hey.
    It all depends on how many users does your app have.
    I would try the folloving.
    1. Try in-app affiliate marketing
    2. Get sponsored comercials like on free spotify account
    3. Make a game and advertise it on radio and with a link in your app
    Good luck
  • Add extra page, such as any RSS news from the website, a page for your FB account, a Twitter activity, etc? You can have interstitials between these pages and banners too
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