HTML Archive Activity - Advice sought on coding methods.

Can someone advise me - Not being proficient in HTML but quite happy putting web pages together with WYSYWIG editor's such as NEMO front page.  Can I, when having designed  several pages go to that source code, package it with the objects and upload that to make them work on the device?
do I need to get my old books out and start reading up on pure HTML again?

In anticipation - 
Thanks for any advice.  


  • I have used on older version of Dreamweaver and have had no trouble with the HTML activity - at least not with the HTML itself - linking to external websites was a bit problematical as they would not always display the way i wanted them to - but that was becasue the sites were not designed for mobile devices
  • Fantastic! - I actually don't want it to link to other sites.  I just want a multiple page activity in the device, rather then a long list of icons.
    I do believe I have a disc with Dreamweaver hidden away somewhere...  I'll have to do some rummaging!
    Thanks 'jmac1963' for answering my query so quickly. 
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