Can I actually publish an app playing Shoutcast radios to GP?

edited January 2017 in General Discussion
So, I thought it's perfectly legal, but I have second thoughts. I stumbled upon a few radios on shoutcast playing modern pop music, as in top 40 songs. I have doubts regarding whether they have a license to do so (especially judging by their size and frequently lack of legal information on their websites, or just encouraging to share them and that's it).

Is streaming them in an app gathering such radios ok? I went through Google's policy and they seem to think even sound boards containing copyrighted content are not alright.

A Shoutcast radio functionality is baked into Andromo which makes it seem like it's ok. Buuut.. Does anyone have knowledge or actual experience with that? Can that get you banned on Google Play? I stumbled upon that by accident seeing big titles playing on small radios. I made a few apps based on niche Shoutcast streams before with good faith that the Shoutcast license has got things covered, but now I am a bit worried.
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