How about 5 % of my returns? As u can see ive done good job on this app an idea is not bad. Also i have a few good app ideas.
Just that i am broke at the moment.


  • You could try reach out to a small business in your area, a relative with a store or something like that and suggest them that you could make an Android app for them, showcasing their business (simple-about page, some words, some images, social network links etc).

    Tell them you will do it for them for 99 USD. Use the money for an annual subscription for andromo.

    Its what I did to get started. It worked well. Only thing I would change is protect my Google Play account better and avoid ban, because in the end the app I had been paid to make went offline, along with all other banned apps in that account. I was not reprimanded (actually they did not even notice for a year now) but I felt so bad afterwards.
  • Thanks. Yup good idea. Two questions though: 1st. Is it not better to start with professional annual subscription in a long  run?  2nd. How do you protect your google play account?
  • 1. Not necessarily, I still got the low annual version. With two package names available, seems to work OK for me. I could invest in a professional, but still considering it. For a beginner, the normal is all OK!

    2. You avoid getting banned apps from copyright etc etc. Hard to do, especially if you have like 80 apps online like I did. 1 app got banned, then second, I was not smart enough to stop working with updates and new apps (you are supposed to completely forget the account and never touch it again) - so eventually the third got banned and then the whole account.
  • DracanApps

    ماهي الاشياء التي يجب ان اتجنبها من اجل عدم حظر حسابي

    بالنسبة لواجهة التطبيق وصور عرضه في جوجل بلاي

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