Guys help me decide

Im rengarick from philippines and i want to subcribe here in andromo at the start of march but i doubt because i am jobless and my money for subscription is my last money i will ever spend so i want to make it worth. Im studying java and xml and i am a beginner but i want to start a career first here in andromo.

Please give me strategies in dealing with andromo made apps and ads. How can i maximize the usage/profit etc. 

Ive been lurking in these forum for 1 month before deciding, please enlighten me. I think the community is great! Thanks in advance! :)

Cheers andromo!


  • dont expect a quick roi.. even if you have the most advance coding skills, its not a guarantee that you will earn quick in app industry.. make as many quality apps using andromo and slow by slowly your earnings will increase..
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    It's definitely good to work on your coding skills, but more complex app doesn't necessarily mean more money.

    I found that out when I partnered up with a long time friend of mine, and while we do have some very successful apps, my most profitable apps are still Andromo-made (which I finished in a few days and minimal costs vs. a multiple months ongoing project and thousands of dollars spent).

    Check out the most popular apps on Google Play in various categories and there are many apps from which you can do simplified spin-off versions.

    And have in mind that (like @megajmarketing says) you probably won't see any real traction during your first 6 months. But keep pushing, produce as many (quality) apps as you can, and success will come. Also remember that about 20% of your apps will earn 80% of your income, meaning 1 out 5 apps will earn you the most money.
  • Hi hendrixs wow thank you for your inputs! Appreciate it thanks for the advice! do u have fb or email? I have many questions in my head hope u can help me 
  • Hi @rengarick, not a problem.

    I'm in the process of setting up a new business, I'm full of work on my own and joint venture apps, plus we have a baby in the house. :) I'm afraid I don't have time for 1:1 consultations.

    Just ask your questions here. This forum has some knowledgeable and experienced users ready to help.

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