how to change original package name in order to upload an updated APK

will some body kindly tell me this ? lots of thankfulness


  • If you change the package name, you will not be able to submit an update to the app. It will be considered a new app.
  • The internal version number (which is different than the version number you can set for convenience) will automatically be incremented for you when you rebuild the app. That is what is needed for the update to be accepted.
  • I also understood the question as @anteos did. Once you set a package name, that's it, you can't change it anymore.
  • My answer was intended to build on the one given by anteos, hoping to clarify what does need to change.

    However, it can be useful to change the package name (from com to net) if you want to have 2 different versions with mostly the same features (like free and paid), and they will be treated as 2 separate apps.
  • but where can i find the place to set up the package name, please
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