Airpush Ads not showing up!

Hi. Paid my subscription for the year. Registered with AirPush. Got my correct API Key and App ID in my Andromo App. Built new app. No AirPush ads show up. Ofcourse the Andromo ads disappeared. Banner Ads are enabled and it’s been hours. So what am I missing? AirPush has me all loaded. Do we need a new SDK file for AirPush?

Please help me soon as possible.


  • Contact Airpush to ask them to manually approve your app. They will need a link for it too, so publish in Google Play or other store or upload the apk in Google Drive or something.

    This problem (that they need to see the apk before they approve, and that they want to always know a valid URL) is what is keeping me away from Airpush last 6 months.

    Also, somehow, when they manually check an app from andromo with airpush, very often they cannot detect their own SDK in it. So they will keep telling you that the app does not have airpush SDK. I kept bugging them to check better and eventually they found it, but it kept happening for every new app so - simply too much hassle.
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