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First off, please accept my apologies if i have posted this in the wrong place.

Now, I'm wondering if it is possible to release my app elsewhere before committing to paying Google £25 for the privilege. The reason being is that i want a select few people to be able to help out with Beta testing my first app before i release it to the general public and to help improve it with suggestions before i have to pay the Google Play registration fee for something which may never make it to market.

So, my question to you is;

Are there any alternative outlets or is it possible to share my app in some way instead of initially going down the Google route?

Many thanks in advance! 


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    It's certainly possible. You can even just email the .apk to your beta testers, or share it in a forum.

    I would strongly recommend setting up a Google Play account first, and uploading an initial version of your app to Google Play, in order to "lock in" your package name for that app. You don't have to make the app publically available, but I would strongly encourage you to upload a private version of your app to the market before you share it with anyone else -- unless you don't care that it ends up on the market as someone else's app.

    See this article for more info.
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