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I am using the Android Emulator to test some apps and I have noticed Andromo has a delay in updating changes to the RSS feeds such as new items or items that have been removed from the feed. 

The changes are reflected immediately in other rss readers.
 Is this with an issue with andromo or the emulator perhaps.



  • There is a built in delay for how often the feed is refreshed, simply to avoid unnecessary data use.

    You can of course override the delay by pressing the refresh icon on the action bar.
  • Hello,
    I find it strange that the refresh brings still posts which I have deleted or even thumbnails which I have erased previously. What can I do ? as the refresh button does nothing change.
    thanks for y support.
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    Those items are cached in the app's database. To clear those out, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it, or go to "Apps" in the system settings for your device (shortcut: choose "Manage Apps" from the options menu on your device's home screen) and clear the data & cache from there.
  • Thank you for this. I have cleared the data & the cache,and it's fine. Do you have an idea how to clear this automatically. Does it depend on the device ? If someone wants to use the app and older posts will be modified or cancelled, he can not see it in the app.
    I guess you know that I will ask this.
    Thanks for y help.
  • I mean if he will use again and again the app.
  • My understanding is, if the RSS feed is set up correctly, modified posts should get updated when a user refreshes...but deleted posts don't get removed, as a side effect of allowing users to view cached items offline.
  • Yes, that's true again. Thanks for making me this clear.
    Wish you success with this great App maker application.
  • How and which Android Emulator do you use?
  • Kernel Version on a Samsung I9000
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