In-app purchases

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Currently, my app is free. I know that I can no longer charge for that app, according to Google Play rules but I in a future update I am planning, I want to charge for that content via in-app purchasing. Would I have to create another app for that? If I do how do I make current users of the free version know that there is other chargeable content available?


  • It depends on the nature of your free app, but basically it boils down to telling your users about the paid version and giving them a way to get there.

    If you're showing ads in your free app, you can achieve both using the "house ads" feature in admob...basically show an ad that promotes your paid version, and takes them to the market link for your paid app when they click on the ad.

    Another way to provide the link is using something like the About activity, or a Google Play activity, or any other activity type that allows you to provide a link of some fashion to the market link for your paid app.

    In-app purchasing is something we're considering for the future, but in general I think you're better off having a second paid app that you direct people to. That way you have a second page in the market (twice the presence in Google Play), an app with only reviews that were made by people who liked your free app enough to upgrade, etc.
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