Dashboard help

Hello! pls I really need help. an app like "ethical hacking tutorial" was created via andromo, it has a folders on it's dashboard that contains various activities. but when I try, all my activities appear on the dashboard. I really want to put them into folders. a click on the tutorial icon of the ethical hacking for example takes you to a series of custom pages


  • Probably the owner created an HTML archive with the menus you see, and the andromo activities are linked from within it. The dashboard was said to "None"
  • No... when you launch ethical hacking tutorial, you'll see three activities in a classic form ( Tutorial, Videos and rate this app.) when you tap tutorial or videos for example, it opens a series of pages under tutorial and series of YouTube videos activities under the "video" option. only three activities appear on the dashboard
  • But I'll try your idea of html... guess that's the secret. Thaks
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