Package name

Currently, I'm using the basic subscription of andromo. My question: If let say I want to upgrade to the professional subscription, what is the status of package name for my existing apps under basic subscription? Is it remain as the default package name or automatically upgrade? Or can I have an option either to remain, or if I want to name it under new package name, it will be considered new apps.

What I understand when the app that I published in google play, the status of the package name is like a birth certificate and its permanent.


  • When you upgrade to professional, the current package name of all of your apps do not change, it will just enable the option to specify a custom package name if you wanted to. The same applies to new apps, you an either use the default, or choose a custom one. And yes, once you publish your app to Google Play with a particular package name, you can't change it. You would need to upload it as a new app.
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