RSS feed activity refresh every times

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-Its not ok to refresh the feed every times ; its annoying and you loose last position on feed (go on top).

-Yahoo Pipes feed are doubled ( not all )

I wanna know if you make updates to andromo and if you inform us.



  • Hi andro9,

    Can you elaborate on your first point? I believe our RSS activity only refreshes the feed when you return to the activity after a certain amount of time has passed. It should try to maintain the same place, but that may not always be possible due to the nature of the feed itself.

    Can you provide an example Yahoo Pipes feed that gets doubled in the RSS activity?

    We're continuously working to improve Andromo, and we take everyone's suggestions very seriously.

    Every time we release an update, we post about it on and usually mention it on our twitter feed as well.

  • any feedback?


  • @andro0 I tested this out and I could not replicate the error. You have to wait for your app to download all of the items in your feed, if all of the items are downloaded the app will not update for a while. If you leave the RSS list activity before all items have been downloaded then the app will attempt to download more items the next time you visit it.

    I think that is what you are seeing. Your activity contains a lot of items, so it takes quire a while for all of the items to download successfully.

  • its not ok to update everytime ,its annoying and u have to wait for can set the time to 15 min for update.I think will be better for all.

  • @andro9 As I said, it doesn't update every time, it only updates after a period of time or if the previous download was incomplete. I will add changing the update time to 15 minutes to our suggestion database.

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