Sugestion: Layout Choser

I was wondering if it would be possable to have multiple layouts available for apps.  


  • @linuxnut79 I'm not sure I fully understand your question. How would this be implemented in Andromo? Also we have a Google Moderator page setup for Andromo, so feel free to post your suggestion there as well so that other users can vote for it:

  • Basically now we have icons on a vertical grid on the dashboard. But what about having a smaller menu bar on the top, bottom or both. It can be icons or text. And the option of having nested activites under a menu item. For example for a business that has multiple departments have a list of them and under those have the activity's.
  • Try this:
    Open one of the Activities.
    Click now on the headline of this activity (beside the home button, in the middle)
    That opens for me a dropdown menu with all activities.

    I agree, it would be nice if that would work without opening any activity.
  • For instance, my local newspaper's app has a "splash page" in their app. I like it. I like the choice of having this, or not, depending on the client. See, "Everett Herald".in the market. Then, see inside? There is a series of navigation links across top and bottom. I'd love to have this option for us.
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