HTML responsive editor

Hi, for those who have difficulties with HTML code, I've found this editor which works great. You only have to type or past text and it will format and make it responsive. You can even see how the page will look on some devices. Once you have saved the page, you need to zip it and you are done. and it's FREE!!!


  • Cool Thanks dude
  • it. Thanks
  • Hello tompot11 I had downloaded and install the free version of the rocketcake, unfortunately I am having difficulty to save the index.html so that I can zip it and use it in the androma activity. It appears some features are not available in the free version and I cannot preview the site. And I tried to copy the html file to notepad++ and run it, but some of the feature I created does not appear. Do you mind telling me the steps to save the site, and the index.html before I zip it ? Thank you
  • Can i use this tool for pdf file? I mean, i will convert the pdf file into html then i try to make it responsive with html archive?
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