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what is the sdk version of the facebook audience network .in my FAN account they have warned me that i must update my sdk version to 4.23 untill november 1


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    Andromo is using Facebook Audience Network version 4.23.0.

    Note that you will need to rebuild and republish your apps in order for them to include the new version of the SDK.

    P.S. Please do not post the same question in more than one forum thread.
  • but in my dashboard of audience network it is shown that i have a problem with sdk version
  • yes sorry for it.
    i have built and published the app a week ago.maybe you updated the sdk version later?
  • i have built and publish my app 4 days ago may i rebuilt and republish it in that case?
  • Andromo updated the FAN SDK version to 4.23.0 on June 28th, 2017:

    If needed, for testing your app and submitting it for review please see the "Submit Your App for Review" and "Testing requests with Audience Network Requests Debugger" sections of the following article:

    If you have any problems/questions regarding your FAN account, you'll need to ask FAN's support department/forum.

  • here is the requirments if you can help me i will be glad
  • Have you tested your ad requests as described in FAN's article?
  • Hey guys,
    Many of you encountered problems with FAN.
    We've updated now Facebook Audience Network 4.28.2 → 5.1.1
    Everybody who needs it, please rebuild your App
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