Can't Login into AppLovin

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Hey Gang,

Anybody having issues logging into AppLovin?

I signed up the other week for AppLovin and a day later I got a mail saying they wanted a list of apps that I would like to monetize.
So I forwarded them a list of all apps. And one day later I get this email:

Thanks for reaching out!  
Please check our resources for an immediate answer to your question/concern:

If you encountered any issues with the two factor authentication for logging in or signing up to your account, please try again and follow all suggestions here

You can also see our Manage Apps and Analytics videos for more information on the AppLovin dashboard!

If your question is technical and you cannot find an answer on our resources page, please reply to this email with as much of the following information as possible: the email address tied to your account, a full description of the issue with steps on how to replicate it, the integration code, and verbose logs for the issue. We will address your issue within 2 business days.

AppLovin Support Team

I immediately tried to login without success. So I fallowed all their instructions from this page, but nothing seemed to work:

Meanwhile I mailed them twice telling them that I can not login, but they keep sending me the above email over and over again. 

Anybody have an idea whats going on with them?
Thanks in advance :)

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