RSS feed items show up 2 or three times

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My problem is that when I update the feed with a story and subsequently refresh the feed in the app, the new story shows up, but older stories are duplicated.To give an example of what I see:

Feed looks like this:

Story 3
Story 2
Story 1

Then I add a new story and refresh the feed in my app,
Now my feed looks like this:

Story 4
Story 3
Story 3
Story 2
Story 1
Story 2
Story 1

This is just an example, it isn't always the same order.

Any idea what's causing this and how it can be corrected?


  • Hi @alfredp most likely this is happening because the items in your RSS feed do not have any dates. If you are creating the feeds yourself try adding dates and let me know what happens.

  • Hello Mark, I don't think that is it. To make sure that wasn't it, I have added a publish date to each item.
    I ran the feed through a W3c feed validator and it checks out fine.

    Here's an example of an item in my feed file....
    <title>Falcons wacht zware test</title>
    Vandaag ...<snip>

    <br /><br />
    De wedstrijd begint om 14.00 uur op sportpark 't Cranevelt aan de Daam Fockemalaan 3 in Arnhem

    <pubDate>Sun, 20 May 2012 08:45:00 +0200</pubDate>
  • @alfredp After you added the pub date what happened? When you test be sure to clear your application's cache so that old items no longer appear.

    If it's still not working, post the RSS link and I'll look at it on our end.

  • I tried clearing cache and even uninstalled the app and then re-installed it.
    The first load is OK, but then when an article is added and the feed refreshes, the issue starts occurring.

    the link to the feed is:
  • @alfredp I just tested this locally and using the Andromo web site and I was unable to replicate your problem. The activity loads all of the items properly the first time, and then when I refresh nothing else loads. I'm not seeing any duplicates.

    Perhaps try re-building your application on and then see if that helps fix the problem. As long as the dates of the old items remain constant nothing more should be loaded.

  • OK, will try, maybe it's just my device (HTC vision).
    When I check the feeds through Google reader or something similar I don't have any issues either.

    Thanks anyway.
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