Is it possible to set the Global Toolbar Color?

When I go into an Activity I get the custom color for the toolbar at the top of the activity, but I can't seem to control the color of the toolbar at the top of the main dashboard. It always seems to be a sort of light brown color and I can't see that I've specified that anywhere.

Is there somewhere to set the color of the Toolbar on the main dashboard?


  • Yes -- you can set the toolbar color for the main dashboard on the Dashboard tab by choosing the "Custom" toolbar mode and then selecting the "Show Advanced Settings" option.

    Alternatively, you can change the global theme by selecting the "Show Advanced Settings" option in the toolbar settings on the Theme tab.

    The toolbar color is set to "Automatic" by default, which tells it to automatically choose an appropriate color from the feature or background image (whichever happens to be available). You can override this automatic color choice by setting it to "Primary" instead, so that it uses the primary color that you specified.
  • Thanks - that's fixed it.
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