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I have website activity where app open website inside of app, and that is ok for me. But is there some option when user click on links in website activity that link go outside to default phone browser, not inside app. For example, if I have Google Play link of my app in website, when user click on that link I want to send user outside app to Google Play app page.


  • You are talking about the intent, which means you want to start a new activity , this is currently not available in andromo right now if i am right. One more option is there where you can directly open your website link to other apps by checking "Open website in external browser" in the activity, however if this option is checked, when you open the activity , it will directly route to other browser instead of opening in your activity or app.
  • You can use the "Open links in external browser" option in Custom Page and HTML Archive activities, and HTML links will open in the default browser on the device. Whether that external browser allows some links to be handled by external apps (such as the Google Play app) depends on the browser, device, etc.
  • @aleksej015

    Make a page and embed the google play link
  • Same Problem here, I would love to see this implemented.. Cause now I cannot send mail and whatsapp messages because it only loads in activity itself..
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