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Is your new app available in the app store?

So once built etc. Is the app automatically available to download in the app store? 


  • You have to make it available yourself:

    Download the apk-file, create a developer-account in Google Play, upload the apk-file there and wait for approval.

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  • Ah OK, and how much does it cost to do all this?
    Also can I just use a link or something to send to friends and family for them to be able to download it? Or send it as the file? 
  • GP account costs 25 USD and it is one time fee.
    Once online, the app has a link.
    But you can also send the apk, host the apk in your site, etc.
    You really need to read the knowledge base. Everything that you asked is covered there.
    If you want to make it a business, you need to invest time!
  • It costs 25$ (on time registration fee) to create an account. There is a lot of other stores where you can publish the app too. Or you can simply send the apk to others.

    Your choice!
  • I have not tried yet
  • edited November 11
    The post you linked to was submitted in January 06, 2011
    That's almost 7 years ago and yes for 7 yrs now registration there has been free.
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