How to share soundbits from a soundboard with other Apps?

Hello everyone,

is it possible to share a sound file from a sounboard with other apps like WhatsApp or LINE? The current share function implementation just posts a string "I'm listening to <my title>" within the other app when i want to share the sound file.

Any help or tutorials i didn't find yet?

Much appreciated,

- Wreck


  • I would be interested in that too.
  • Still no update on this?
  • It is only possible to share the text, there is no option to share the audio file at this time.
  • Can we expect that option in the nearer future? Wpuld be very helpful, as the text doesn't really help :)
  • Not likely in the very near future, and probably not feasible for streaming audio at any point, but we may look into it for in-app audio files at some point in the (probably distant) future. There are other audio-related tasks with a higher priority that would need to be addressed first.
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