How to change custom activity background


i am trying to make article base app and using custom activity. everything is ok but i want to know how to change background color. right now background color is white.

can anyone tell me how to change it 


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    Go into "Source" and add background color as if you were editing an html document. For example:
    (For Andromo custom activity just include the <Style> </Style> layer on top of the document).

    You can do this for simple 'blue', for example, by clicking "source", pasting this into an empty custom activity:

    <style type="text/css">body

    Then unclicking 'source' and inputting content.

  • thank you @szymon247

    and one more question 

    If i want to add background image in custom activity then how can i add
  • I didn't try packaging the background image file in the app iteself, as I think you can only do that through the HTML archive activity. It should work if you host your background image online and provide a link to it, for example:

     background-image: url("SomeImageAddress.gif");

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