2 Suggestions

I have 2 great suggestions that I hope take into consideration for an update.  :3

RSS Share

When using "Photo Feed" and pressing the share button, the link is sent to the RSS and not the image that is already loaded in the application, this is serious because when you click on the share button what the user wants is to send the image that is watching (As in the Gallery) and not a raw link.

This is an excellent option if we do not want to increase the size of the application by loading images offline, the RSS but the option to share is the only bad part that does not fit well.

Video Ads

Now that the Native Ads option does not exist (Until further notice), it would be an excellent idea to hide activities until the view of a "Video rewarded" ad is completed only once per user.

It's a great way to take advantage of this type of ad.

That is all I hope you can take into account these suggestions that I really need to continue improving the Andromo platform.

Thank you

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