App Category and Description

I've had a question for a while and figured it's about time to go ahead and ask it. On the app settings page there is a drop down box for app category and a blank box for description. The knowledge base says:


This describes what category your app falls into. Choose the category name that best describes the content in your app."

My question is, where does this info go to? What does it impact? Is the description for my benefit only? I'm assuming the category might impact ad serving/targeting?


  • Currently those settings have no effect and are not built into the app, so they're just for your benefit really (convenient storage of the information). It's possible the information may be used in the future in some way, but right now it's not.
  • Okay, perfect. Thank you for your quick response. That's pretty cool having a little space for putting some notes in. :)
  • I hope Categories can be added soon.
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