Poll: Your Most Used Activity

For all those who don't read our blog I posted a poll on Friday: Poll: Your Most Used Activity

I'm just trying to get feeling for which activity our developers use the most often.




  • RSS Activity hands down.
  • RSS indeed.
  • Thanks for the responses everyone. Anyone else have any?
  • Rss for me too
  • Mine would be the HTML activity mainly because I am trying to shoehorn mobile unfriendly sites into dispalying better on mobile screens - after that it would be the custom page acitvity
  • I've found that the HTML Archive allows you to get so much more out of this app. No doubt mine is HTML...
  • I'm trying as many as I can. I would like to know how to accomplish streaming video.
  • I like the Navigation Maps , and being able to preprogram selected locations.

    Also I am using the Twitter feed and Weblink activities often, as well as the custom pages for embedded text/graphic documents.

  • Facebook, as I have several super active Facebook accounts at the moment. After that, RSS and Twitter.
  • I use custom pages and Web Links mostly at this time. I would like to see the website activity work more likely the native browser. Allowing for videos in browser, making sure all links work, things like that. Would be nice to have long press working so you could save images, or open native app, and wallpaper save to sd.
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