Create eBook thinking of creating ebooks..but not sure how to begin with the andromo software...
Pls advise. Tqvm  :)


  • It is possible to do it. I usually use the custom page activity or HTML activity. Here you can check an example
  • @danymant09 or anyone that can answer  I saw your app steps to christ.  Love the layout and how you added the audio.  Nice touch.  I am attempting to do a book as well.  A couple of questions if I may.  1.  is the whole app one activity?  the custome html page or the zip html page.  2.  how did you keep it scalable.  what font size did you use and did you use a code to keep it within the edges of the phone.
  • Hello, thanks for your comment. About your questions: 
    1. is the whole app one activity? No, each chapter is one activity. I use both, custom html or zip html page. I use zip html page when I reach the limit of the custom page which is 65535 charactes.

    2. how did you keep it scalable? If you use custom page, it does automatically. If you create an html page, you have to use this code <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no"> in the section. 
    About the text, I use Times New roman <div style=" font-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', serif;">
  • @danymant09 ; Thanks a million for that.  If I may ask another question.  if each chapter was a seperate activity how did you link them together.  In the customized page activity under link is that what you use and if so which one and how do you connect them.  Your app is basically how I want mine to look minus the audio file, which is a nice touch by the way.  is the main page.  If you can help I really would appreciate it.  
  • @ankhdls You don´t need to link each chapter with another if you use the dashboard of andromo by default. However, if you want to create a kind of index page, you can link each activity using the activity URL, here is more info
  • Thanks again!  What I have done is to mnake a web page with an editor and then zip it.  Your ideal led the way to that.  Thanks again!!!
  • @ankhdls I use two html editors, both are free to use. One is BlueGriffon and RocketCake. Thois last one is very interesting because it creates responsive website automatically which is very useful for creating apps. Good luck =)
  • Sir I want to create a book app by andromo website but I don't understand the tools of this website.please help me

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