Problem with background images (landscape and portrait)

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I'm trying to upload background images (both portrait landscape images).
Suggested size is Maximum 2400x2400, 2 MB; image I'm uploading (as portrait image) is 1900 x 2400 (942 kb) but system is reporting this error:
"file size must be between 0 and 2097152 bytes"
Same error for landscape mode. What's wrong?

Thank you :)


  • @ciao121 What web browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer try using Chrome or Firefox and see if that helps at all.

  • I'm using Chrome :/
  • @ciao121 Well we can rule that out then! What about a smaller image as a test? Can you set any image as your dashboard background or does it always fail?

  • Hi:

    How was this problem solved? Or is the bug still there? I would say yes because I have been trying many times, and getting the same issue as Ciao121. The images for landscape and portrait are around 600Kb, and well under 2400 px (they are 1600 px). Funny that the very first test app I did, they uploaded fine, but then when I wanted to try other times, nothing. Thanks!
  • @centrodeportivo What web browser are you using? Have you tried rebooting your webbrowser and/or using another one?
  • I've submitted the problem to our web department to look into. Due to reports of image size problems on some devices which caused crashes, I believe that the website was changed internally to only accept images of smaller dimensions, and may be a case where the error message and suggested max size value is not correct. I tried a couple other smaller file sizes, 1200 and 1024 and they worked, but 1600 did not, as you described. I've contacted him and we'll get that information sorted out.

  • Hi Darryl:

    Thanks for looking into it. I will try using smaller images. That is no problem as long as the background works.

  • Hi Darryl,

    I have verified that if the image is less than 1200 width, it will be uploaded. I tried a 1024 x 768, and it went right up. 

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