Any ad network you know that offers No-SDK appwall?

Hey guys,

I had been using Appnext for some few additional dollars by implementing an appwall through webview in my apps.
I had a format like "Other Cool Apps"  as Website activity and whoever clicked it saw a list of apps (usually not more than 3).
If they end up downloading, I got some revenue.

Well, appnext dropped this option and I have been looking around for others who offer it and have been struggling with emails back and forth to no luck.

Leadbolt has an HTML appwall but it only loads one app and only rarely, most of the times they do not put any inventory in it (and they told me so).

Some CPA networks offer it as well but you need to manually select the offers every single day and make sure no geo is missed. This is terrible to manage.

The evolution of MobPartner (now called Cheetah Media LInk) offers something that seems to be the best option. No-SDK appwall which is auto managed with all available offers. The problem is they have not accepted my Bundle after a month and have not replied to 2 tickets for 24 days. I guess they are dead and I get why Andromo removed them.

So, especially to the Andromo staff that has huge experience - any other ad network out there that would offer what I need?
Or maybe a work-around by using a Custom page and loading ads through it?

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