Promotion of the application

I finished my first application. Thanks for the tool. I hope we make some money now.

I want to promote my application and think on a way to make a qr bar code. Does anybody know how to make it, so that people can just point their camera to the qr picture and it goes automatically to Google Play to install it.

BTW, how do I know how many times the application has been downloaded?



  • Hi Ronald,

    There are plenty of online QR code generators out there, just do a google search and you should find something. I would look into promoting yoru app on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. You can also submit your app to app review sites, or to websites that deal with your apps content.

    You can track the number of downloads in the Google Play Android Developer Console (where you uploaded your app).

    Some of the best promotional material that you can have are:

    1) A good description for you app in Google Play
    2) Good quality screenshots of your app
    3) A good looking app.

    For more on the last one check out my blog post: Want more downloads? Build a better looking App.

  • Thanks Mark,

    I was more interested, what the content of the QR code should be. I found in the meantime, that it is the https link to your application on Google Play.

    I wonder how I can find out this link quickly. It takes several hours till I find the application on Google Play. Is there a way to speed that up?

  • @elmit2015 You can get your market link using the following pattern:

    Where XXX is your developer ID and YYY is your application ID.

    You can get XXX and YYY from your apk file name: app_YYY_XXX.apk

    For example given the following apk file name: app_70738_2.apk

    The market link would be:

    I hope that helps,


  • I found that link in the meantime and followed it. However, yesterday, still several hours I got for my application a  "not found".
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