How about an apple version of the andromo projects

I think the ability to build android and iphone apps would be a HUGE advantage to developers. Yes this would be a monumental task but also a new revenue stream.

One interface to buld two seperate platforms. It would be a good way to keep one project uniformly designed between apple and android.


  • I just came across the (free) service of and I wonder if there is a way to use this service together with Andromo.

    "Simply upload your web assets - a ZIP file of HTML, CSS and JavaScript,
    or a single index.html file - to PhoneGap Build, point us to your Git or
    SVN repository, or let us set up a git remote endpoint that you can
    push to. Then we’ll undertake the compilation and packaging for you. In
    minutes, you’ll receive the download URLs for all mobile platforms."
  • Well i was thinking more on the lines of having an iphone build with android too. Or paying more to get both. Both apps will look identical and perform the same. As i stated above this would be a total rebuild of andromo, but think of the attention andromo would achieve.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Phonegap is a very interesting technology, and there is a chance we might support it in the future, but it probably isn't something most users would be able to take advantage of directly. It's really only useful to advanced HTML5 developers.

    Offering iOS support would be nice, and it's something we've discussed in a pie-in-the-sky sort of way, but because of how the app store works, it would be very difficult to achieve anything similar to what we offer with Andromo.

    But perhaps most importantly, it's difficult to achieve a cross-platform solution without hurting the quality of the apps in some way.

    One of the reasons Andromo exists is to provide an alternative to the general stinkiness of cross-platform apps. A cross-platform UI isn't going to be optimal on either platform. The only way to do it properly is to design a different native UI for each platform, and that poses several complications.
  • Good idea, ... you can download it from them and implement it in your build process. BTW, there are several sites offering the same.
  • @Elmit2015 : _Hi amigo, got the same problem as i am trying to publish into the apple store too.
    Did you by chance found a solution to "convert" or generate your android apps into apple apps ?
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