An error occurred while parsing the package.

hi guys, how do you solve this error, I try to install the apk to test them on my cell phone and I can not because this error appears, does anyone know how to fix it?
I have searched the internet and tried using the default browser of the cell phone but it does not work, also try installing the ADM app but I still have the same problem

look over this in the topics here in andromo but I did not find anything related


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    That can be caused by a few reasons, but usually indicates a problem with the download being corrupted or incomplete -- for example because of a bad network connection or because of a problem on the device.

    There is lots of help on this subject if you search:
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    thank you very much friend, I had tried everything and I solved it with this:


    Step 3: Enable USB Debugging.

    Many people found that enabling USB debugging option has worked for them. 

    To enable USB debugging:
    • Go to the settings >> Scroll down then, at last, you will see option “About device” select it.
    • Look for option “build number.”
    • Tap on “Build number” for 7 times.
    • You will see a message “you are now a developer.”
    • Once you enable to go back to settings
    • Choose “Developer options.”
    • Tick mark "USB debugging."

    This trick works on many smartphones. Try to install the app again.


  • Thanks for sharing what worked for you @johao_2017 -- I'm sure others may find it helpful if they encounter the same situation.
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