Don't know what to build anymore

Guys, I have over 200 apps build in my andromo account over the years, and I have run out of ideas, and become bored with building the apps, but will post on markets. Somebody interested in sharing app builds, or can i find somebody willing to build apps for me for an hourly wage maybe?


  • Yes. That happens sometimes and I just take a break to recharge the batteries.

    Also, I keep an ongoing list of future projects so when I run out of ideas, I go back to an old idea from a year or two ago. Also, using HTML5, CSS and Javascript in the Andromo Custom Page or Archive, means you should never run out of ideas. 

    Plus you can try a different genre a apps to break out of the routine. 

    I still would love the folks at Andromo to add a multiple page menu module so we don't have to create those ourselves in HTML. 
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