Amazon Ads new SDK

Hello. I just noticed that my fill-rate with amazon ads has dropped to 10-20%!!

I contacted amazon and they told me that they released new Amazon ads Sdk om July 10th.

They told me if i still have the same fill-rate to contact them again. 

Any chance you update the  Amazon ads Sdk  in the nearest future?



  • Amazon ads are currently disabled for EU users as described at the following URL:

    Following that release, Amazon stated "EU demand will be paused until the new SDK is available" to address GDPR compliance for Android.

    At this moment their new release has not been published to their repository for Gradle and I haven't looked at the details of their revised GDPR compliance. I've posted a question about it to their forums, so we'll keep an eye on it and look to see what changes they've made.

  • Is this The SDK below?
    It's very recent 10th July.

  • Yes, that's the jar normally used for old build systems. Current Android development such as that used in Android Studio uses Gradle dependencies. They do support it but haven't updated it yet. If worst comes to worst we'll change our build script to use their legacy method, but I'd rather not waste time changing things to then have to change it back again.
  • I've actually wasted a lot of time dealing with their support department/forums over the past six months and frankly I'm pretty angry with them. It's clear to me at this point that they really could care less about their Mobile Ads. Venting completed.
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