Html archive index page help!

This is my first time trying this. i have created a javascript quiz app and when i went to build the app it keeps failing. i created the zip file which contained my program and the .js file it needs to run but i keep getting the index has failed to be located if the file is the index what do i need to make sure is in the file so that it builds i am stuck on this because i have tried to create another file with just the name but that did not work either and i also checked the name is there any specific format the name should be in if so i defiantly mess it up. if any one could help i would appreciate it. Thank You


  • @zackattack69 you just need to make sure that your HTML archive is a valid ZIP file and that the name of your index page is the same as the one that you specified online and in the root of your zip.

    Here is a link to a knowledge base article that describes how to do it:

  • I was having the same problem a few times and couldn't figure it out so I eventually went into my folder, found the Index.html file and renamed it in lowercase index.html. After I did this the next build was successful. It's probably too late now to answer your question but maybe others will find this info useful.
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