Map does not show me route

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I have two locations in my map and I get the pins to these location on the map.
When I click on the marker, the bubble tells me more about it.

There is not my location and no route to the pin available. What do I miss?



  • In order to show directions from your current location, you need to first make sure you've enabled it in your project. Select "Yes" in the section labeled "Location-Aware". After doing that and rebuilding your app, you must first activate the location feature by pressing the blue arrow with a circle around it. Once your location has been determined, the ring around the arrow will turn red, and you will have access to additional features such as the route when you touch a pin.

    Hope that helps.

  • It is still not working for me, ... or on my phone.

    I made a demo application, where I want to use it:

    What happens is, that I got the two locations as a pin, when I click on the pin the bubble opens and shows me the text. There are no links in it.
    I did click on the blue arrow icon for location and on top of the phone I see an animated satellite dish.

    Location aware is set to Yes

    Map does work on the phone when I open it directly.

    What could be the reason?
  • So are you saying that it just sits on the acquiring signal state, and doesn't change to an arrow with a red ring around it? Basically that means the app is waiting for a response from the device regarding it's location. One other user had a similar issue, however the problem disappeared. Something you may want to try is rebooting your phone to eliminate any possible system errors that may be preventing it's access, or even trying it from a different physical location.

  • I never saw a red ring, ... and in that state it drains my battery!!!
    I reboot my device daily, since I change the battery daily.

    I have already uninstalled and re-instaled, I have recompiled and upgraded, ... but it remains the same.
    I use HTC Desire

  • Hi Ronald,

    From our feedback and internal testing, this type of behavior may be a device or brand specific problem. Submit this issue through our support section and include the following:
    - Briefly describe the problem (as you have here)
    - Include a link to this forum thread.
    - Say that it was a request from Darryl.

    You can submit it from the link below:

    We'll take a closer look at the issue to see why it isn't responding, or not stopping its requests.


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