What is the meaning of this warning

When i updating my old apps then i  am getting this warning while uploading. I want to know what is the meaning of this warning message. And this is a problem or not 


Deactivation of this APK will result in your app being available for new installs on fewer types of devices.


If this is an unintended change, then retain this APK in the new release or ensure that your new APKs support all currently supported devices.


  • The mininum SDK level that Andromo apps support has changed over time, as we've had to keep up with changes in the Android build tools, dependencies, etc. If you are updating an app that was previously built when Andromo's minimum SDK level was lower, that constitutes a change in the number of devices that will be able to download the app. That is what the notice is telling you: the new version of your APK doesn't support as many old versions of Android as the previous version of your APK did.

    Generally the number of active devices using such old SDK levels is very, very small.

    For an idea, see: https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/

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