We need an app review request

You need a library like this at the following link: https://github.com/codemybrainsout/smart-app-rate

So that we can improve the note of our applications in the store, I use andromo to 1 year and until today I wait for implementation of something similar and without success!

Unfortunately the apps that I create in andromo do not have the same app evaluation note that I create with android studio, precisely because of a lack of a library tool to request evaluations ...

Those who like the app do not rate or forget. Those who do not like it already leave the negative points in the store, knocking down the note of the app and preventing it from going up and reach high yields.

Sorry, I'm using google translator.


  • I agree with what you are suggesting.
    A nice popup after X minutes of usage could work great for us.
    For now, adding a google play activity for rating can do the trick. But the user has to literally see that button and then decide if he will interact.
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