AdMob Suspension

Hello everyone,
Ive something to ask pls. If a developer got his AdMob account suspended for invalid activities is it safe to create another AdMob account (with new gmail) and continue publishing apps in the same Google Play developer account?

A friend of mine got suspended previously from using AdMob but luckily for him, his suspension lasted for only 30-days. Did anyone experienced AdMob suspension before or has any solution or recommendation of what should be done? Any help is appreciated. Thank you all.


  • 1 google play account is linked with the admob as soon as u post a app with ad codes.

    if u want to use new admob, u need to have a new developers with it.
    U also need a new machine ( U can use VM Ware) , new internet connection and new address, bank account.

    Do not use the first developers account with 2nd admob. Either one of them or both will get banned.
  • @meghak thanks for your input. From what you said "Either one of them or both will get banned." seems you ain't sure whether or not the new AdMob will survive. Provided only one of them will get banned i dont have a problem with. If one will survive cool.

    I agree with you tho that it'll be safer to have one gp account for one admob account. But am just wondering whether i can open a new admob account and add the apps to the old gp.
  • Either one of them can get disabled but will be ultimately disabled if u use old admob with new developers or new developers with old admob.
    I don't work in Google so cant say which one will be banned or both of them but i have been creating apps since 3+ years and had many admobs and developers suspended but still working and making good money with apps.

    Telling u all  this from experience..
    If u want a long term stable apps business, open a new develoeprs and new admob with a new computer and internet connection..
  • Thanks for the advice @meghak ;
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