2 weird stuff happening

Hey guys.
Last 10 days I have 2 seriously weird stuff happening with Admob and FAN.

On Admob, I suddenly experienced a 40% increase in impressions, a CTR increase to almost 50% and a CPC decrease by 20%.
My clicks literally doubled in a matter of 2 days.

All these things happening on both mine and my wife's Admob account. Especially on my wife's, yesterday's clicks were triple the clicks of the previous day! And a funny CPC of only 0.01 Euro.

On FAN, I received an invoice that I would be paid 82 USD and then a statement which showed my payment as 164 USD. I do not really know what exactly I will be paid because due to weekend the money has not showed up yet.

For those of you who frequent other forums and search around such things, has there been any weird Admob change with wrong reporting or anything like that?
And on FAN, have you experienced similar thing with this month's payment?


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