Advice about gdpr

I've been away from the app seen for a while I got sick of Google .
I am just about to start building again I've been looking at the GDPR stuff on youtube etc I am very confused.
I get I need a privacy policy in the app.
Then I read I need a pop up asking for consent from the user.
Then I read admob and it says to link to there policy as it's them collecting the data.

I've also installed a few app off the playstore and there is no consent or a privacy policy, and I'm in Europe 
I have also read that Andromo have non-personalized ads has there been a drop in revenue?
Thanks any advice would be appreciated.


  • You need a privacy policy link in the app listing - put some GDPR terms in there too just for safety.
    Inside the app, what I do (not necessarily correct, OK?) is use the Launch notice as a privacy policy and GDPR information. I put in there the link to the Privacy Policy of my apps and some text about GDPR as well.
    I set the Launch Notice to everyone, not only EU. This way I am informing the users of the Privacy Policy, and if they read it they will get GDPR information too.
    Most apps I have tried do the same, and actually majority of them do not even have the PP as popup. They just put it somewhere in the menus, often it is rather hidden.
  • Thanks Anteos nice to see your still around !
  • You are welcome!
  • I never had Privacy policy apart from having it in the app store description.
    These things put people off. Andromo apps anyways don't generate much revenue as compared to other online builders. These  Pop-ups and declarations and Policies inside ur apps will further drive users away from ur apps.
  • The emails we received months ago on the apps we had that went offline because of no privacy policy in the app listing stated that the privacy policy should also be inside the app.
    Just to be safe, regardless if apps get less downloads and more uninstalls from these pop ups, they need to get the PP inside them.
    I hate it, but I dont want to see the apps offline and the accounts banned again. Their e-mails were clear.
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