What are the most successful Andromo apps?

Great day to you all,
The Andromo page mentions that there are developers earning up to 10K with Andromo. That's great and it's good to know.
What are the most successful apps done with Andromo?
The ones with the most downloads?

Would be good to know and inspiring for us newbies too.


  • If someone shows a app/account here, it is very easy for others to copy those apps and make similar apps within a few hours. Plus, they can do fake clicks on ads inside those apps leading to admob disabled or google play developers suspended for those developers.

    Highly unlikely anyone will show their apps/accounts here.
  • Ok and I understand that. Would be good though if they could share their success or stories without disclosing their apps.
    Meghak, would you like to do yours?
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    meghak is right, it is unlikely that anyone will show their apps. But I can tell you that in my experience, me and my wife work together creating apps and we live from that. The money we generate every month is 3 or 4 times more than we would have normal jobs in our country.
  • @headsouth go and type anything on google like chest exercises, shoulder exercises or any recipe. U will get many developers links which use andromo.

    I have got a collection of like 30 app stores which use andromo from this method and I take inspiration from them every few days and create similar apps.
  • @danymant09
    Do you mean by Andromo only?
  • @mon73 Yes only from apps created with Andromo
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